Holly is unique. She is one of a kind. She is understanding. She is a good listener. She makes you see yourself more positively. She teaches you how you like to think and she can teach you how to teach yourself.  Jarrad, age 9.

Holly has a way of helping a child see their unique learning traits in a positive light. She can find a bird that likes to perform just the way your brain does. This allows you to watch what your brain is doing and work with it rather than fighting against what it wants to do instinctively. This makes learning smoother and more enjoyable. Kylie, (Jarrad’s mum)

It was well worth it!  I now understand how my brain works and why, what sort of things will help me study and won’t, and my mum doesn’t get cross now when I fiddle as I work.  :-) Thanks, Holly!   Sarah, age 12

Holly, you have transformed the way we homeschool.  Understanding how Sarah learns best, how her brain thinks and where her strengths lie, gives me license to allow her to learn her way.  For Sarah, this information is so empowering.  She has more confidence in herself now and can take more control over her learning.  Now we are working together instead of me directing her.  This year has started out completely different to our previous years of homeschool, thanks to you.  As for the bird… Wow! It is stunning and, incredibly, you found one that behaves just like Sarah’s brain works.  You are amazing Holly, and so very talented.  Thank you.     Jaana, (Sarah’s Mum)

I liked doing the juggling! Talitha, age 9

Holly is  warm in her manner and positive in her approach to learning. NLP is a recognized and credible methodology in many areas as well as for  learning to spell. It introduced a new method of processing for us and has led us to bouncing on the trampoline to do our spelling! 
Janette (Talitha’s mum)

I am, of course, in tears.  You are sooooooooooo brilliant; you have done that so beautifully.  I do not know, I cannot imagine, how you ‘locate’ the bird for someone but your ‘accuracy’ rating is fantastic.  Beyond that I am speechless, unable to say what is in my heart.  You are magic. Josephine (Holly’s mum)

Some comments from the latest Autism Workshop. 

Great seminar! Excellent ideas and new ways of thinking about approaching therapy. 5/5

Thank you for a very energising, informative day, positive and engaging. Lovely to meet everyone in similar situation too! 5/5

I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was fantastic!






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