Learning is dependent on two things, an open mind and a happy heart.

At License To Think I work to enhance learning and information processing.

Using a variety of techniques, from Brain PlasticityThe Kolbe Test, NLP neurolinguistic programmingEFT emotional freedom technique, Feldenkrais and ABM Anat Baniel method, I get clients to connect with their learning brain and then begin to form new and better learning strategies. Clients who have not been able to learn well, suddenly come alive to learning. Using a client centred approach, I have excellent results with spelling, learning difficulties, autism, adhd, and confidence issues

We know that the brain can change and adapt; even the most difficult challenges can be improved. We just need to know how. What we are learning is that when you begin to use the body as well as the mind for learning and change, then you have a recipe for success.

‘This is a revelation. We can drive the brain correctively in almost any condition you can think of: adhd, obsessive compulsive disorder, autism…  brain plasticity medicine will become the major player of the future’.

Dr. Michael Merzenich PhD.

      from ‘Redesign My Brain’ with Todd Sampson.


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