‘When you respond to the child and see them as perfect and whole, as they are, only then will you have the opportunity to access change, because you are working with  the child, and you are aligning with their innate capacity to grow’.

License to Think is a learning consultancy that specialises in helping children and adults become more proficient in their learning. 


spelling, learning difficulties, autism, adhd, and confidence issues.

At License To Think I engage and enhance the clients natural ability to learn. I help to retrain the brain into a more open state for learning, as well as introducing more useful techniques for information processing. 

 So much of our learning can be compromised by emotional blocks, or in the way we have learnt to register information in our minds. I spend time listening and gauging how the client is processing their information, and then help them to find more useful ways for them to feel, think and approach their learning. 

Through brain plasticity and integrated learning we can enable a greater learning capacity and gain confidence in how to learn

Anybody can be a great learner, you just need to know how. 

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